Tuna Tataki Lo Hei To Elevate Your Lunar New Year Feast

Tuna Tataki Yu Sheng

Introducing Restaurant Espoir’s Tuna Tataki Lo Hei, a Japanese and Chinese fusion that brings a prosperous delight! As the Lunar New Year approaches, it’s time to celebrate the festivity with a unique dish that combines tradition with innovation.

Tuna Tataki Lo Hei:

Tuna Tataki Lo Hei is a modern twist on the traditional Chinese New Year dish. Featuring fresh slices of seared tuna served atop a colorful medley of shredded vegetables. Lo Hei is a customary practice where ingredients symbolizing luck and prosperity are mixed together for a prosperous year ahead.

Ingredients Symbolism:

The ingredients in Tuna Tataki Lo Hei are carefully selected to represent traditional Chinese New Year symbols. Crisp shredded carrots symbolize good luck, while vibrant red bell peppers signify prosperity and wealth. Thinly sliced cucumber represents longevity, and fresh tuna symbolizes continuous abundance and prosperity.


Fresh tuna is first briefly seared, then slice it thinly and arrange it on a platter. Lay the tuna on a colorful array of shredded vegetables, creating a dish that is as pleasing to the eye and palate. Drizzle with a tangy citrus dressing to enhance the flavors and tie the dish together.

Serving and Tradition:

During the Lunar New Year celebration, gather your family and friends around the table to partake in the ritual of Lo Hei. As you toss the ingredients together with chopsticks, recite auspicious phrases wishing for good fortune and prosperity in the year ahead. The act of tossing and sharing the dish symbolizes the spreading of good luck and blessings among all who partake.

This Lunar New Year, elevate your feast with the tantalizing flavors of our Tuna Tataki Lo Hei. With its blend of Japanese flair and Chinese tradition, this dish is sure to usher in a year filled with prosperity, abundance, and joy.

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